"This Shit" is a unreleased song by the Australian singer & songwriter Sia Furler.

Background Edit

The track has presumed to be recorded in 2003 for her "Colour The Small One" album but never made it onto the tracklist. This is possibly due to the fact that Sia's label didn't allow song titles containing profanity, worrying that it may affect sales of the album as a whole. The song was leaked in full and can currently be found on YouTube.

Lyrics Edit

Oh there is life after death

The death of all those parts of you

You thought you needed

And there is sweetness left

You thought that none would survive

You were so bitter

But you will taste again

No you will not stay numb for long

I'll pinch you

And after all the tears

There will be laughter too

I promise


You're stronger than it

You're stronger than this shit

You're stronger than it

You're stronger than this shit

And you are coping now

Although it may not feel like it

You are okay

And you will love again

And you are loved right now

Forgive yourself

And you'll help you

You'll do enough

You'll help enough

You are enough

And you will lose again

But now you realize

You didn't need it

[Chorus x6]

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This Shit (2003 Demo)

This Shit (2003 Demo)